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Limited Time Sale!

20% Discount Auto applies at Checkout will be Shown As "FLASH"

We're offering the best of our items in the lowest of prices! In this section you can discover hidden treasures that may just make your event the best it could possibly be, spending only a fraction of the price.

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84 Velvet Rose Buds-Cream 84 Velvet Rose Buds-Lavender 84 Velvet Rose Buds-Purple
84 Velvet Rose Buds-Red 84 Velvet Rose Buds-Royal 84 Velvet Rose Buds-White
3D Chain Garland-Fall Ivy 3D Chain Garland-Ivy 3D Chain Garland-Pothos
84 Silk Open Rose-Black 84 Silk Open Rose-Lt. Blue 84 Silk Open Rose-Burgundy
84 Silk Open Rose-Cream 84 Silk Open Rose-Lavender 84 Silk Open Rose-Purple
84 Silk Open Rose-Red 84 Silk Open Rose-Royal 84 Silk Open Rose-Silver
84 Silk Open Rose-Turquoise 84 Silk Open Rose-White 84 Silk Rose Buds-Black
84 Silk Rose Buds-Burgundy 84 Silk Rose Buds-Cream 84 Silk Rose Buds-Gold
84 Silk Rose Buds-Lavender 12 Silk Baby Breath-Burgundy 12 Silk Baby Breath-Navy
12 Silk Baby Breath-Pink 12 Silk Baby Breath-Purple 12 Silk Baby Breath-Red
12 Silk Baby Breath-White 8 Rose Garland-Burgundy 8 Rose Garland-Chocolate
8 Rose Garland-Cream 8 Rose Garland-Lavender 8 Rose Garland-Purple
8 Rose Garland-Red 8 Rose Garland-Silver 8 Rose Garland-Turquoise
8 Rose Garland-White 8 x 6' English Ivy Heart Rose Soap Petals-Chocolate
8 x 6' English Ivy
List Price: $25.72
Our Price: $13.99
Heart Rose Soap Petals-Coral Orange Heart Rose Soap Petals-Pink (sold out until July 23th, 2010) Heart Rose Soap Petals-Ivory
Heart Rose Soap Petals-Lt. Blue Heart Rose Soap Petals-Black Heart Rose Soap Petals-Turquoise
Heart Rose Soap Petals-Purple Heart Rose Soap Petals-Navy Blue 84 Silk Rose Buds-Lime
Heart Rose Soap Petals-Willow Heart Rose Soap Petals-Yellow Heart Rose Soap Petals-Mauve
84 Velvet Rose Buds-Blue 84 Velvet Rose Buds-Fushia 84 Velvet Rose Buds-Turquoise
56 Tulip Bushes - Cream 56 Tulip Bushes - Orange 56 Tulip Bushes - Red
56 Tulip Flowers - Cream
List Price: $49.48
Our Price: $29.99
56 Tulip Flowers - Orange
List Price: $49.48
Our Price: $29.99
56 Tulip Flowers - Red
List Price: $49.48
Our Price: $29.99
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